I am an artist, scientist and make works that can be loosely called immersive. The aim is to give the visitor an overall experience that perhaps affects the way they perceive certain aspects of the world. Here is a brief list of such projects in date order, with links to the relevant pages on this site.

2015-present, Living Cell Project. An immersive cell environment with exhibits, such as the camera obscura, that illustrate or explain through metaphor, the processes in a living cell. Images and videos for this current project continue below.

2015-present, Gallery Runner. A running and gallery visiting project which takes the normal relaxed art visit to a more extreme level with the Artathon, a 26+ mile run. Whilst putting myself through this experience the aim is to convey with videos and social media, the experience of the run. The project seeks to promote a different relationship to the city by using canals and parks as the basis of the route.

2014-present, Art-CP Galleria at Portobello Road and other locations. A curating and art project where I promote and show artists in public spaces with gallery-standard art hangings and display facilities but with low overheads. As well as organising the project, advertising it in the art press and building the website, I have also developed a particular style to my own painting. The issue for me was being seen and noticed in these spaces by a busy public. The solution was my visibility-vest-aesthetic, in short, a colour palate based on the bright greens, yellows and oranges that cyclists and workers use to ensure they are seen. The artwork was shown in the Royal Academy of Arts.

2013-2014, Window Show. A project using my paintings to change the architecture of one prominent corner of our studio building. The paintings were made-to-measure for the window frames and were suitable for all four studios (including mine) running up that side of the building.

2004-2011, Artmongers. I was co-director and artist for this partnership allowing us to engage with the public on issues close to my heart, such as recycling, health and well-being.

The Living Cell Project, videos, shows and images.

1) Video 1: The Camera Obscura, and how it models the eye.

2) Video 2: Bread Making Chemistry.

3) Video 3: DNA, its structure and discovery.

4) Video 4: ATP, the energy molecule.

The Living Cell Project was also shown at a public art gallery called Tension Fine Art.
The show was called Cell Graffiti and brought the education of science to an art gallery. The premise of the show was that the mini-molecular machines that regulate living cells, and ultimately determine the identity of the organisms they comprise, are like a form of writing, or hieroglyph or indeed a graffiti gesture. In the same way a protein molecule, the mini-machine described above, is made from just one or at most a few continuous strands of amino acids that coil themselves up to make shapes similar to letters, hieroglyphs or the graffiti gestures just described. Finally the graffiti gesture is a memorised stroke that occupies a space, usually a wall, in a system with no overall hierarchy but where there is an evaluation of good or bad works. With proteins, the good proteins are said to be highly conserved and barely change over hundreds of millions of years as they propagate from species to species.

Cell Graffiti was showing at Tension Fine Art, 135 Maple Road, SE20
until 25th May 2019

See below for my painting in the Royal Academy Summer Show 2017. It’s the orange one!