• autumn 2015

  • summer 2015

  • with Artmongers

  • spring 2016

  • summer 2016

  • sketches

The imagery is inspired by food, art history, molecular biology and the hundreds of images produced during my tutorials to explain the processes that surround us in the world. Indeed, many of the subsequent artworks are enlightening in future tutorials to explain scientific processes in new and interesting ways. The details of the artworks focus on vortices, natural forces rigid bodies and fractured landscapes. The composition of these works is done from memory and letting the paint do the work as it lands on the canvas. This requires a careful mediation with rational thought, since its tendency is to present back to us what we already know, and without going into too much detail this mediation can involve randomising techniques to choose new and challenging juxtapositions of forms- challenging that is to the artist who then has to weave these back into an overall composition. Please also check out a parallel project involving jogging to galleries called Gallery Runner, that explores the poetics of space, art and the art world.