Artmongers was me and fellow artist Patricio Forrester. We worked together for 7 years until 2010.
Top: My artwork at The Royal Free Hospital.
Next: Me and a Cowbin.
Above: Grazing in their installation.

handshoarding2Hands Hoarding (2005) was Artmongers’ first big project. I prepared a 16m canvas scroll (tenth size) and unrolled it across the table in from of our would-be sponsors.

fabricThen there was, Fabric of Society (2007).

vanmuralVan Mural (2006) only makes sense when it is parked outside, His’n’Hers (2002)!

truck1My Cowbins were hitched together into a Cowbin Train for delivery to a local school. A chance photo became a new artwork for Lewisham’s recycling trucks.

truck2We produced artworks for their recycling collection trucks.

installationhandshoardingTwo more images of Cowbins and Hands Hoarding.