Art CP Galleria presents the last show of our current series.

The Ship of Fools is a fable found in Plato’s Republic. A captain has his ship taken over by his underlings who are not skilled at navigation. They face disaster.

In this show ArtCP Galleria features Julian Sharples, Michelle Molyneux, Terry Ryan and Gallery Runner. Michelle Molyneux is currently featured in First Ladies show at The Atkinson.

Julian Sharples Goldsmiths College, uses systems of chance in Vortex to select images and scale them, before searching for a coherent picture. Whilst the random selection might be a process akin to the chaotic mutineers, the final picture could only be achieved with the discipline and judgement of the one who steers the boat. In contrast Artistic Atoms explores how individual units can unite to form a coherent whole in the grid format. Bubble and Coffee Test respond to this space.

Michelle Molyneux Royal College of Art, takes nature and vitality as her subject. She uses an innovative collage technique to create her images. The locations depicted are often iconic parks and buildings which she fills with an emotional content, working the fragments of photographs into a single piece.

Terry Ryan Ravensbourne College, is interested in maps and stars. The two images on show are loosely based on his black hole series of layered, vinyl, circular stickers. Here there is a sense of light and energy in the images. Unlike the Greek captain who navigates by them, Terry Ryan explores the riot of colour in these astral images.

Gallery Runner is an ongoing project by Julian Sharples. He navigates around the galleries from a map he has produced with the 40 London galleries exhibited in Frieze 2015 placed on it. He jogs to shows along parks and canals once a week and posts on Instagram, @galleryrunner . Five Artists Called Florian is a work based on his arbitrary cross referencing of the 1000 ish artists based in these galleries.